Thursday, March 18, 2010


In between all those good advices and informations from friends there was only one that I actually listened to. I'm sorry to say that, but it was my boss, father of 4 kids himself, that told me in my 8th week of pregnancy: "The most important thing to start thinking about right now is the education method according to which you want to raise your child to. For me the most exciting moments during my wifes pregnancy where the philosophical discussions about early education."
This was when he mentioned Emmi Pikler. I never heard of that woman so I started to research, bought some books and that was me being convinced that this is the right way to raise a child. Let it discover the world in its own time and pace. Do not interfere. Instead focus on the daily care, provide a prepared and safe environment pay undivided attention when you are with the child.
Well this all sounds pretty natural at first. But there is more behind. With the Pikler method - there is a lot you can do wrong. But there is not much you have to do, to make it right.

I realised during my research, that there is some information out there. But you really have to look for it. There are Pikler toddler groups everywhere, but you have to know about Pikler when you want to join those. This is what I am missing - the information about early child education for parents. They learn all sorts of stuff about pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks. But nobody actually takes care about how so many parents raise their child. And let me be honest - it wouldn't harm if at least a FEW of them would actually get some information. It's good to follow your instincts, but it doesn't mean they are always right.

I would like to use this space to bring a bit more information about Pikler to the public. I'm doing that in English because here the lack of information is even bigger.
In about 3 weeks I will give birth to my own child and I want to share my experience with the Pikler method. I'm looking for other parents and their opinions too. Pikler or not - it would be good to also share comparison!

In the meantime I have put up some information about the Pikler method on my website since that blog here is only for the experience log.

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