Sunday, March 21, 2010


When I first tried to explain the Pikler method to non German speaking friends I realised how little information there is in English. Only through thorough research I found out about Magda Gerber and RIE - The Resources for Infant Education. Still I found it quite hard to gain proper information on the internet about the actual ideas behind those parenting principles. It's the same problem with Pikler, if you don't read her books or attend some very rare seminars you hardly find any useful information. I see this as the problem why still so many parents have not even heard of either Pikler or Gerber or the RIE. In times of daily internet use it is difficult to convince somebody of "this method out there" when there isn't much information available online. People don't buy books just like that anymore. They want websites, podcasts etc. This is why I started this blog and put a whole Pikler section up on my website.

Of course this isn't much so I am still trying to find out more - which there is. But you really have to look for it. But to be honest - who is thoroughly looking for a website about something he or she hasn't even heard of? Exactly.
For example there is Janet Lansbury who is a RIE Associate. It's a very interesting blog considering lots of problems parents nowadays have with their children. It gives logic explanations and should be read by all parents in the world. RIE though does not have much information up on their website, just advertising their classes which not everybody in the world is able to attend.

So I guess it is still up to you to find useful information and in the end you should just buy those books by Pikler or Gerber available. I can only recommend them, it's easier to go back and flip through it again than trying to find that website again you where read something about something...

Now you still might have one question - what do Pikler, Gerber and RIE have in common? It's easy, but also something you don't find out about on either website. Magda Gerber was Hungarian and learned from Emmi Pikler when she became a mother. Gerber emigratet to the US in 1957 and co-founded the RIE with Tom Forrest in 1978. It's all about the same - infant education to Emmi Pikler's principles. Now considering how long they have been out there it's a shame they are still so hidden and unheard of.

So if you are interested help spread the word. Follow the links posted or for a start just their twitter accounts:
Janet Lansbury
Nadine Hilmar

Help make sure more parents learn about Pikler so that more children can be raised according to THEIR needs!

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  1. Hi Nadine, Thanks for helping to spread the word about Magda Gerber's and Emmi Pikler's ideas in a positive way. I've enjoyed reading about your experiences implementing the philosophy with your baby. I just wanted to offer that I also have a web site/ facebook page/ twitter account offering insights to Magda Gerber's RIE approach. You can find me here: or, or at @lisasunbury on twitter. I'm passionate about supporting families, and helping others to understand what Magda's teachings might have to offer for both babies and adults. Thanks!