Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A few weeks ago I had friends over with their little 1year old daughter. Another friend came along with their 2 year old boy.
We weren't too fuzzed about what's gonna happen. Both kids are in kindergarden already. They kind of know how to socialize. At least that's what we thought. It turned out that the boy simply did not want to play with the girl which was fine. She did not care too much anyway. But every time she got in his way he would push her away quite harsh. It happened what was supposed to happen - eventually he pushed her so hard that she fell on the floor and hit her head. It was not that bad, but of course she started to scream. Her dad got really mad at the boy and tried to get him to apologise. His mother just hid him from that mad man and very soon she left.

Nobody really talked to each other but of course both parents have talked to me about it.

I do have my opinion but I am not the person to contact. I don't even have a child. yet. What am I to say ? And even if I say something it is most likely that they don't like it. Or at least one of them won't.

It is a difference if somebody comes and asks you for advice because he or she really needs it because he or she has a problem. But when both parents think they are absolutely right what can a person with no child tell them ?

So what do you do? So far I got myself out by mentioning that I can't say much since I don't have a child and won't know how to react in that very situation.

But I am annoyed because I have my strong opinion and I usually like to share it.
That I think is a big problem in parenting. When it comes to relationships or work problems - anything - people do listen to your opinion. Even if they don't like it. Well at least good friends do that. But when it comes to their children this is not possible. It's a really fragile topic. But this is a topic with a big impact on people's future! So really - what do you do ?

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