Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have mentioned how I came across Emmi Pikler and that I never really considered any other parenting method at all. How can I know that it's right what I am doing ?

Well - first of all I don't. You never do until you see the result. But I trust myself. As much as I have trusted myself through the whole pregnancy. I never really thought about what to eat and what not to eat. Because my body told me anyway. From the moment I knew I was pregnant I had this craving for fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables. All fatty food made me want to hug the ceramic so that's what I avoided. I just listened to my body. Later on I had a craving for milk and dairy products. It was about the time the baby developed its bones. Again, my body told me and I listened. I never got into the whole vitamin pill eating because I felt that I knew what I needed and I trusted my body would continue sending me the right signals.

As a person who is quite often concerned and has no problem believing she could have all the bad illnesses there are out there I have been very calm and quiet throughout the pregnancy. I have been to a couple of prenatal diagnostic testings without freaking out about it. Which believe me I am actually good at.
In week 31 I was submitted to the hospital with a short cervix. It was two days before our wedding so I was a bit stressed what was gonna happen now. For a couple of days I was in bed with an infusion. Nothing changed. Then I realised that all I had to do was calm down, stay in bed for another 2 days and everything would just be fine. The wedding was off anyway and it wasn't a big deal after all. So that's what I did and the next exam showed that the cervix hat relaxed and I was allowed to go home.

What I am saying is that it's always in your mind. You know what's right for you. You know who to trust. And believe me: it's yourself! Follow your instincts. In every aspect of life. Of course you should also trust your own instincts when it comes to parenting. But there might be ideas and principles out there you didn't know but that actually go along with the way you think, the way you live life. That's what happened to me when I first read about Emmi Pikler.
And even if you don't agree with everything she is saying - that's fine because you shouldn't do anything that doesn't feel right. But at least open up your mind for it. And maybe you don't go either way, then you still can find your own way.

So when I heard about Emmi Pikler and her methods I just knew straight away that this is right. It makes sense, I can see myself doing the right things and I believe that it'll help our wee one do develop in its own time and pace. My husband and me talked about it, we are sure. So why waste time on considering other methods when we enjoy dreaming and thinking about what we feel is right ?

So if you ask me why I chose Pikler I will say: "Because I trust myself."

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