Monday, May 7, 2012


I have taken parenting to another level.
Pretty soon it became clear, that I wasn't just in for our son and us. I am fascinated also by the jobside of it. I want other parents to learn about the wonderful philosophies that make our parenting journey so much fun. This is why I am doing all sorts of trainings that have the words Pikler, Montessori or counselling in it.

But this is a long journey and I am not that patient. Plus - I don't think you can just switch and be this regular employee one day and a family counsellor the next. It's a learning process. In the field.

You know Anna- She is the author of Every Moment Is Right, mother of a 2 year old and a dear friend of mine. We're in the same boat - between one life and another. Figuring out what is our calling and going for it.
We've always been doing similar things - moving to Scotland, enjoying red wine, having a son, writing a blog about it, doing Pikler trainings... you name it. So why not actually do something together instead of together alone? Exactly.

Here it is. Our baby.

A space to write and discuss - not just for us. For everyone.
"So feel free to drop by for a coffee and a chat, introduce yourself, let us know what you're thinking about, or just stay a while and play in the sand..."

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