Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coming back

Sooooo.... it's been a year that I have been writing on this blog. It wasn't a decision I made. It just so happened. Well. A lot happened that stopped me from writing to be honest. But there were messages and real life people telling me that they miss the posts on here. And yes - I missed them too. I missed the writing and all. I just didn't have the time. 

I don't know if I have the time now. Well not now now because we are taking off to the US in 36hours. 3 weeks of holidays ahead. Yay. And best of all: I get to meet Janet Lansbury at her talk in New York City on my BIRTHDAY!!! This was a coincidence and I am very thrilled and excited.

But let me tell what happened over here between August and August.

Leander changed kindergarden in September. It took him 3 weeks to get used to that but now he his very happy over there. He made friends, he went to some birthday parties and the teacher tells me that he is a very calm boy who knows what he wants. I like that.

He had another surgery to get the metal pieces out of his arm after he broke that twice. It went ok. After that he suddenly changed his whole behaviour at medical appointments. He is talking to the doctors, he is cooperating much better. He simply does not scream at them anymore. And he plays being a doctor. A lot. Yesterday he told me that he wants to become a doctor. When I told a friend today he insisted: "Mom, I WILL be a doctor."

Mona started walking and talking. But stop. No. It took her forever to start walking. Because first she was walking on her knees. For almost 4 months she has been walking on her knees like a prayer. It amazed many people who saw that. Me included. But she was so fast and so happy she simply did not have a reason to walk. Until summer came. And dresses. And walking on bare knees hurt her. It was then that she got up and walked. And now she is unstoppable. Almost running. Running after her big brother she adores...

We moved house around Christmas. This was chaotic and crazy but also fun and the new house is soooo so so beautiful. The move shook us all a bit and we had a bit of a rough time. But in April right when Leander turned 4 everything fell in its right place. Him and Mona get on very well. She adores him. He likes her finally walking and talking. They play together. He cares for her. "I'm with you. It's ok." he says when she cries. Not always. Of course not. They have their moments of siblings ravelry. But often enough to know they are getting on well. I will surely write about it at some point too.

I started work as a family counsellor. I am offering online consultations and aim to offer skype consultations at the end of the year too. It is a wonderful job and very fulfilling.

We were also working like crazy in the communal house we live in. But that's a whole other topic. And I don't feel like going into that right now.

Because right now it's summer and things are moving slowly in Vienna. Everyone seems to be on holiday. And we will be soon too. I have no idea what an 8hour flight with 2 kids might be like. I have no idea what all the travelling and visiting relatives will be like. But I am looking forward to some change of scenery. The sea. New York. Everything.

And after that I will be back. And tell you about more of my parenting moments that made me think, laugh, change paths, cry, wonder and everything else that parenting does. It's a wonderful journey. And I am glad I get to experience it.

Have a lovely summer everyone. I look forward to writing more in fall.

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