Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today when I picked up Leander from kindergarden he was already waiting for me at the gate. Sitting on a tricycle watching the cars outside drive by, park and drive off again. I kneeled down next to him to say "Hi!" when he pulled my arm and wrapped it around himself. Then put his thumb back in and continued watching the cars outside. 

These are moments as a mother that make your heart melt. The little moments no ones else might notice. The ones you did not expect when you were a pregnant woman not knowing what to expect at all.

Too quick they fly by. Those moments. And in a busy life like ours they are gone in the blink of an eye. And forgotten. Maybe forever. So I decided to sit down and recollect some of those priceless moments as a mom of two.

  • Leander's happy smile when I go into his room and for a short cuddle curl up next to him after my husband has just tucked him in and I have sent Mona to dreamland.
  • The first time he said "Schuckigung" (his version of the German word 'Entschuldigung' which means "I'm sorry!") It was in the darkness of his room when I was lying next to him waiting for him to go to sleep and he accidentally hit me with his knee.
  • His smile with his thumb in his mouth when he is too tired to take it out
  • When he tries to grab a piece of my clothes while sucking his thumb all with the same hand (when he is completely exhausted and tired)
  • How he demands me stroking his neck or head after I have started but stopped "too soon". 
  • Him saying "Mama, I don't need a kiss. Dad, come on we need to go!" when they are about to leave for kindergarden in the morning.
  • Him and his Dad ringing the doorbell a minute after they have left in the morning because Leander had decided that he actually DID need a kiss from me
  • When I see him observe the world around him without actively taking part. When to others he might seem sad or upset but smiles and excitedly tells me about his observation the second I stand next to him.
  • When we both observe the world around us without talking but sitting close together. Simply enjoying each others company.
  • Him saying "Mona, mama is just gone to the toilet. She will be back soon. It's ok." when I left the two of them outside a public toilet in the hospital.
  • Mona's toothless smile in general. But especially the one she reserves for her Dad.
  • Mona's giggly laugh when Leander is jumping up and down in her eyesight.
  • Both their sobbing but slowly calming crying when they are lying in my arms.
  • Both of their real, natural and self driven giggly laugh.
  • Their sleepy faces I so love to watch before I go to bed myself.

None of those moments happen when I want them to happen. Not when I am busy with a smartphone or a computer in front of my nose. Not when my thoughts are somewhere in a different world. And if so - they are back in this world, in this very moment within a second and I know exactly where I belong.

What are the priceless moments in your life ?

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  1. **mommy truth**
    SO...kids ignore their parents. Its just a fact of life. They get tired of hearing your voice and they tune you out.
    Sometimes as parents, we do that too (not proud of it, but I'm honest). So this afternoon, I had a screaming 10 month old who cries if I'm not holding him or if I turn from him for a second WHILE trying to instruct my 7 yr. old and 5 yr. old how to properly clean up their toys and put everything back in its place WHILE my 2 yr old was yelling "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" and playing trains in the middle of the floor. I had to focus and tackle one thing at a time so Braden got ignored until I dealt with the other 3. FINALLY, I get to the living room where he was playing and still yelling "mommy" and I said, "What buddy? What do u need that is so urgent?" And he replies, "I need kiss mommy." That was it...he only wanted a kiss -- so he got about 20 instead of just one. That was my *sigh* moment today..u know..that moment of peace and sanity that God grants me on occasion in this crazy busy life.